Well even if you are brand new to 2MHDsCom you cant help but notice that it is revolving around Christ! Everything that is written and everything that is intended is done so to further the reader and the writer in a relationship with Christ.

So the next question is why Jesus Christ? With all of the religions and all of the different theories out there why JC? Well that is very simple, I have not found any other religion, thought, or theory that has an absolute that is just that an absolute. Everything else out there either has flaws or failures and that is one thing that Jesus Christ never had. And if I am going to put all of my effort into serving something I want it to be worthy of that love, devotion, worship, and praise.

That being said here is who I serve: Jesus Christ

The Son of Almighty God! He came to earth as a baby and lived a perfect, sinless life only to give that life as a sacrifice for you and I so that we may not feel the separation from God for eternity that He felt as He hung on the cross. And then 3 days His death He rose again and conquered death so that you and I may spend eternity with Him in heaven instead of going to hell where we deserve to go. If you don’t know Him intimately then I challenge you almost dare you to soften your heart and find Him. To know Him is the only way to know joy, peace, love, and true freedom. If you want to know more please click here or email us through the contact page.