2MHDs American Bulldogs

The 2MHDs American Bulldog Kennel is a North Carolina based kennel in Fuquay-Varina. Our dogs are all 100% American Bulldogs with Champion bloodlines that are registered with the National Kennel Club. We offer a unique experience in that as a potential owner you can meet both the father and mother as they are part of our kennel. As such we are extremely familiar with their temperaments, needs, and can vouch for the integrity of health, state of mind and lineage for not only this generation but for generations past.

The process to purchase a new family member is as follows: We require a non-refundable security deposit to hold your place in line. The first deposit turned in for each litter gets first pick from the litter and so forth down the line. We do not recommend picking pups from our pictures as the dog’s temperament, playfulness and personality cannot be seen from a picture. The only way to properly pick a puppy is to visit our kennel and spend a little time getting to know the puppies. For the puppies safety this can only be done after 8 weeks old as then they will have begun rounds of vaccinations and will be ready to meet their new family. Once a choice is made the final payment is required before the pup can leave to go to its new home (We do allow payment plans during the 8 weeks). We have had several generations of ABs and can reassure you they are loving, loyal, and extremely family friendly.  We will continually be updating this page with pictures and updates as the puppies grow.  STAY TUNED!!!

You can see the litter’s pedigree here: Progeny of Ranger and Ember

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2MHDs ABs Owners:

Taylor C E. – 3/7/2019
March 7, 2019

2MHDS American Bulldog Kennel did a great job of not only answering any questions we had regarding American Bulldogs, but also made sure we chose a puppy that matched what we were looking for. Otis was the largest puppy of the litter, and now at 11 months old, weighs a whopping 110 lbs. He is the most loyal, attentive, sweet, smart, personable dog I have ever met. Though he looks a bit intimidating by his size, Otis is extremely gentle. Otis has been an excellent “guard dog” as well. Living in the country, Otis is very observant of anyone or anything suspiciously coming towards the house. 2MHDS American Bulldog Kennel showed us the healthy lineage that Otis comes from which gives us a peace of mind that he came from a healthy generation of dogs and will be able to be with us for a long time!

Pamela B. – 3/24/2019
March 24, 2019

Some call it coincidence, we call it divine guidance that we discovered 2MHDs bulldogs. We were able to meet our puppy on site along with both of her parents. It is obvious that Tyler & Krystal adore their pets and take very good care of them. Our puppy came with initial vaccinations, incredible records, and registration. She has been the perfect fit for our family (with 4 kids under 10). We love having an American Bulldog and she’s absolutely gorgeous! We would highly recommend 2MHDs as a reputable American Bulldog breeder.

Bill & Dina E. – 6/16/19
June 17, 2019

We couldn’t be more pleased with our American Bulldog from 2MHDS. Our sweetheart Dakota has been a wonderful addition to our family and is so loved by us and our two boys. She accompanies us on outings often and plays well with kids and other dogs. We are continually told how well behaved she is for only being a year old. We can’t imagine life without her. Tyler and Krystal have done an awesome job with Mom, Dad and all the puppies.