We must continue as Americans to educate ourselves and understand what is truly happening around us. We have to be careful that we do not categorize a thought as a conspiracy theory without truly analyzing the content and asking do the facts hold water or does it come to a logical conclusion. The trick that most miss, and is being exploited by the left and the media, is that we also have to do this with the news. Just because FOX, CNN, NBC, or another outlet said it doesn’t make it true and doesn’t mean it will happen. To give a basic example: Do you take everything that a meteorologist says as 100% true; or do you still look outside and check the weather, look at your phone weather app, and validate what is happening around you? Why most do not take this approach with the newscaster I, to be honest, do not understand. America, let us wake up and think through some things. Technology has made our country lazy as a whole to the point that whatever comes across the screen is truth, we have to wake up!

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