We have a responsibility as Americans to be as educated on what is going on in our country as possible. Now I do not mean that we have to be watching CNN or FOX (whichever you prefer) every minute of the day, but I do mean that we cannot just take snippets of media and treat them all as truth. We have to remember that all media, government officials, and truthfully people have an agenda. So it is upon us as a nation to be informed enough to discern someone’s true agenda. And most of the time it is better to watch their actions rather than listen to the words out of their mouths. This is part II of “America: Wake Up” here at 2MetalHeads. Thank you to those of you who are pursuing knowledge and have the desire to share! Without you we would not have found this video. Again I am sharing this here because I am sure Facebook, youtube, and other venues will delete it (if they already haven’t). Enjoy and feel free to comment.

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