An Aphonic “WOW”

For those that know me I am not one who is generally lost for words or one that is timid about sharing my opinions.  I am sometimes (to my own detriment) to blunt and straight with how I feel or what I believe that I can trample all over people’s feelings and thoughts.  Now this is not an excuse it is more of an explanation.  But every once in awhile I will see something that touches so deeply I cannot express the emotion directly at that moment.

As I am preparing to preach this weekend I came across a video that I plan to show Sunday morning, but I wanted to share it here as well.

As a pastor my greatest joy is to see people respond to the call of God not only for salvation but for ministry, obedience, direction and in life itself.  This is one of those stories. I want you to know that when it was done I was not able to express my heart;  I simply just cried.

Please watch it, be humbled, and praise God for His Glorious Sovereign work in the life of this couple.


God Bless
~ Pastor Tyler

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