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At the church where I am pastoring we do this really cool thing on the website called Sermon Rewind.   The basic concept is that it provides us the area to summarize the sermon from that past week and gather the main thoughts into a short article.  Well I have decided that when I preach I will take that same information and post it here.   Therefore welcome to Sermon Rewind 2metalheads style…

The Shampoo Model

Acts 8:4-8,26-40

God calls us to be a “Missional Church”.  So what is a Missional Church?

A “Missional Church” is an authentic community of faith that primarily directs its ministry focus outward toward the context in which it is located and to the broader world beyond.

So as a Missional Church:

I.  He calls us to WORK v4-8
1.  Phillip was preaching, casting out demons, and healing the lame.
2.  Because of the movement of the Spirit there was much joy in the city.  Is there joy in our city? Our Church? Your Home? In You?

II.  He calls us to SUBMISSION v26/v29b-30a
1.  The angel told Phillip that it was time to go.  Phillip did not argue or question he simply left and went where he was told.
2.   He was told to go to the desert in the middle of the day.  This seems so illogical to man but to God this is exactly when he was needed.

III.  He calls us to an OPPORTUNITY v27-39
1.   Phillip had no idea what he was being called to go do but through his obedience and his submission he was able to give the gospel to the Eunuch who then spread this same message to the continent of Africa.
2.   In this opportunity we see that God prepared everything, in v26 we are told that this place was a desert but in v36 we are told that they came across a body of water!  In the desert the last thing that you would expect is water but God has prepared the situation and had taken care of everything.
3.   We also see that God prepared the heart of the Eunuch as he was searching for the meaning of scripture and needed someone to explain its truths.  Once again God was prepared and had Phillip in the right place and exactly the right time.

IV.   He calls us to REPEAT v40
1.   In v40 we see that right after Phillip is done baptizing the Eunuch he is supernaturally moved to another place and he immediately continued preaching the gospel and sharing Christ with every town that he came to.

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